Best 360 Cameras for Virtual Tours

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

Intro to best 360 cameras for virtual tours

It comes with little surprise that 360° cameras are useful for many business owners. Notably, those working in real estate, gastronomy, and retailing will benefit more. This is because 360° cameras allow them to create virtual tours of any place. This tour can consist of a custom-made tour with little flexibility or one that lets the customer navigate freely.  You might be telling yourself: “ok cool, a tour, but is it worth the investment?” and let me tell you, it most likely does. I’ll give you 3 of the large number of benefits that a virtual tour has:

One last thing worth mentioning is that all products listed below (except the last one) support live streaming. This is important because you could give the tour as in real life, with real-time interactions. Of course, you could do something similar without going live at the spot, but some opportunities might be lost. Anyway, this option is at least worth thinking about. Said that I hope I don’t have to convince you any longer. Now I will introduce you to some of the most interesting products out there. We will take about 6 products, give a little introduction, and then focus on prices, features, and specs. Let’s begin, shall we?

Insta one 360

It’s a smart, small, pretty, accessible, complete, and useful product. Can connect to a cell phone on the go and go live as well!

Insta one 360 Features

Insta one 360 Specs: 


Minimum requirements: 


Price: Official page starting from 400USD in the US or 460 Euro in Europe.

Insta360 One X2

A superior product in the X series that things to a new level and offers important additional features.

Insta360 One X2 Features:

AI-related: ghost town mode, 360° auto frame, pure shoot (best lighting and noise reduction).

Insta360 One X2 Specs:

Compatibility for best performance (recommended):

Price: Official page starting from 489 Euro in Europe and 469 USD in the US

GoPro Hero Max

It’s a long-time competitor in the 360° cameras scene, in which superiority is highlighted. 

GoPro Hero Max Features:

GoPro Hero Max Specs:


Official page from 399 USD in the US with a 1-year subscription or 499 USD alone. For Europe 430 Euro with the subscription or 530 Euro alone.

The subscription comes with unlimited cloud storage 2 paid trade-in options, premium support, discount, etc.

Ricoh Theta V

A customizable, affordable, integral product that has as many potentials as caveats.

Ricoh Theta V Features:

Ricoh Theta V Specs:

We mention the internal storage for these Ricoh products because they don’t support SDs. However, you can use a USB to increase its storage.

Prices: Based on Amazon: 380 USD or 399 Euro.

Ricoh Theta Z1

This one is an upper-end product that promises to pay off quite well.

Ricoh Theta Z1 Features:

Ricoh Theta Z1 Specs:

Price: Amazon: From 997 USD or 840 Euro.

Matterport Pro 2

It’s the ultimate 3D capture camera for those aiming at insanely detailed virtual tours. Its 3D image is amazing! Think of google street viewer but with the best quality and movement options imaginable.

Matterport Pro 2 Features:

Matterport Pro 2 Specs:

Price: according to their official site: 3395 USD or 3180 Euro.

This is it for this article. As always, we appreciate your time reading it. We hope it has been very useful.

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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